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Why Businesses Need Cloud-Based Network Management

By August 11, 2022IT Insight
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As more businesses shift their workloads from on-premise to data centers, cloud services, and software-as-a-service, the importance of a robust, scalable network solution has grown. Capabilities like SD-WAN, online configuration management, deep visibility into security, traffic patterns, and optimization of all network activity have moved from the back of savvy business leaders’ minds to a forefront requirement for success.

Enhance Security

Whether your workload and applications exist inside your local network or extend out to another location or the cloud, slow performance or network drops hinder performance and cause frustration for everyone. Suffering from poor network speeds kills productivity and morale and the impacts on video and voice quality can hurt your brand and lower the confidence of your end clients.

Security is enhanced across all network devices when a policy change is pushed out from a central management point. Simplified structures of policies mean less margin for error or missed devices, and changes can be implemented in real-time as needed. Visibility into all connected devices allows for certainty that all policies are applied, and provides clear indicators of health, performance, and security across the network.

Simplify with Cloud-Based Networking

Cloud-based networking allows for greater agility by reducing the effort of network management, allowing for faster rollout of new services and capabilities all while delivering lower operational costs, reducing maintenance and design efforts, and delivering reduced risk for your apps and data. Shifting to a solution that enables all systems and devices to be monitored, patched, and maintained through a single system allows IT teams to focus on business-building work instead of spending time keeping the lights on.

Connecting sites, providing access to remote users and vendors, and enabling optimized cloud workload connectivity are all made easier, faster, and more secure when leveraging cloud-based network management. Services, rules, and policies can now be applied from a central repository to all impacted devices instead of one at a time. This eliminates the risk of missed or misconfigured devices. Real-time monitoring across wired, wireless, and remote traffic is available and allows for faster troubleshooting and isolation of issues when they do come up.

Device lifecycle management is simplified by cloud network management. Configurations are maintained and revisions cataloged, so if a device experiences a hardware failure or configuration issue, deploying a known-good version becomes much simpler. Upgrading hardware no longer requires a full re-configuration of the device, as cloud-managed network appliances can automatically apply the correct configuration to new devices based on existing policies. This shortens the time needed and risk associated with installing new or enhanced hardware. If a device fails, simply provisioning the replacement device and streaming the configuration gets you up and running faster and with fewer headaches.

If your business needs to move faster, and have better performance, security, and visibility, cloud-managed networking is a must. Calyx Network is a Network-as-a-Service model that provides all of the hardware, licensing, management, and support for your business.

Talk to our experts today to see if Network as a Service is the right IT solution for your business.

Source for our blog post: Citrix.