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We strive to be an organization where each person can thrive. We are guided and anchored by our core values — challenge everything, do what’s right, and own it.

Whether it’s on the front lines or behind the scenes, we’re professionals who approach life with curiosity and determination. We’re constant learners who use what we discover to create better ways for our clients to do business.

Calyx is proud to be recognized for excellence and awarded the following:

Recent Accolades

The story behind our name

A sepal is a part of the flower that functions as protection for the flower in bud, and often as support for the petals when in bloom. The interconnected group of sepals is known as the calyx.

We love the metaphor as it relates to the structure and unity that we provide our clients through enterprise IT solutions. With better technology and support, they’re able to work and grow with less risk, hassle and disruption.