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Great people are magnets for
other great people

If you’re looking to start the next chapter of your career, join us and help make the impossible possible.

Calyx is growing and we’re on the hunt for great people for our sales team, development group, and incredible support staff.

Even if we don’t have the perfect position available today, email us a resume.

Available Positions

Thank you for your interest in working at Calyx.
We will post job openings as they become available.

Four reasons to join Calyx

Challenging &
Rewarding Work

The kind that positively impacts businesses and the humans behind them.

Killer Team

With a fun-loving, rule-bending, “all-in” attitude that’s contagious.

Walk Our Talk

We don’t just say it, we do it.

Clear Mission
& Vision

We know who we are – and we know where we’re going.

Great workplaces for top talent.

Honored to be among the Northcoast’s top employers.

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