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A Technology Services Provider + Cloud-Based Technology

Calyx makes your business secure, productive, and profitable.

See What You're Missing

A Proven Approach

You are at the center of all we do. We adapt our technology to your needs and manage it for one price with no middleman, no add-ons, no hidden costs. You experience the Calyx way — a better way to do business.

Comprehensive IT Assessment to determine philosophical, technical and financial alignment

Well-executed onboarding process to transition your technology seamlessly, with minimal disruption

Exceptional service and support without strings, for a better technology experience and new level of business agility

Why Choose Calyx?

Quite simply, we’re here to create a better way for our clients to do business.
Make your life easier, your business more productive and profitable, and gain security in a changing world by using the Calyx way.

Holistic Approach

We’ve built a fully managed, enterprise level, cloud-first solution. You scale your support, software licenses, IT infrastructure, and other cloud-based solutions easily to keep pace with growing or changing needs.

Unmatched Service

With Calyx, there’s no self-administration required. We handle monitoring, maintenance, proactive troubleshooting, predictive failures and even replacement of hardware before a failure. You can expect deep support from our team so you can focus on growing your business.

Enterprise Technology at a Small Business Price

You can expect individualized enterprise architecture at a price suited for small businesses. This means less capital expense, elimination of forklift upgrades and a simple cost per user per month.

Fully Managed & Supported

Calyx provides you individualized enterprise architecture. We eliminate the middleman, taking charge of implementation, education, and long-term support. You can sleep at night knowing Calyx has you covered.

We Keep it Simple

Unlike other technology service providers that piecemeal their offerings, you will excel with our fully-managed holistic approach. You get all of your necessary solutions in one cost-saving package. Complexity, gone.

Predictable IT Spend

You budget for IT and we adhere to that price. With Calyx, you have all the necessary solutions your business requires for one price. It’s leading technology that’s built to be scalable as your business grows.

See where your business IT solutions stand.

Examine the risks of your current IT operations.

The best-case scenario is that you gain a new trusted partner. At minimum, you walk away with a fresh understanding of the true costs associated with IT, in terms you’ll understand.

Our conversation centers on your employee setup, infrastructure, and compliance needs. We then show you where you could improve performance, security, spending, and more by using a technology services provider.


Guiding your IT discovery and evolution.

With fewer IT-related issues, you’ll see a nice boost in business performance. For every 20 employees, a company can save approximately 40 hours each month in productivity.
That’s a full week each month!


More than a decade of development has led to a way to simplify complex technology operations. That’s why our managed cloud-based technology is trusted to guide efficiencies across your organization, either as an extension of your IT team or a fully outsourced partner.

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