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Calyx Network services shifts your IT costs to where they’ll be more effective by aggregating commodity internet services and eliminating complex services like MPLS, Metro Ethernet and point-to-point connections.

Some of the benefits of using Calyx Network services include: 

Flexible connectivity, regardless of location or connection type

Cost savings through SD-WAN and improved insight

Lower ISP costs with DIA instead of MPLS, EVPLS, etc.

Fully managed so you can focus on your business

Highly secure to protect your data and your business

Faster provisioning with cloud-managed configurations

Some of what’s included with Calyx Network:

Security Features

  • Identity-based next-gen firewall
  • IDS/IPS (Intrusion Detection Services and Intrusion Prevention Services) by SNORT
  • Web content filtering (based on user role and network or VLAN)
  • Advanced Malware Protection using threat intelligence and behavior-based detection

Connectivity Features

  • Built in SD-WAN
  • Auto-meshed VPN for fault-tolerance
  • Simplified inter-site connectivity
  • Automatic failover between any connected interfaces and
    connected sites
  • High-availability capable (requires second appliance)

Switching Features

  • QoS Policies
  • VLAN tagging
  • Real-time network topology and mapping
  • Live traffic monitoring and management
  • Virtual stacking (select models)
  • Layer 7 visibility for deep insight into network traffic

Wireless Features

  • Centralized cloud management
  • Multigigabit Ethernet capable
  • Custom RF design for high client density environments
  • Dedicated security radio scanning for threats and interference
  • Automatic RF setting configuration for optimal performance
  • Guest network configuration with deep visibility and custom policy creation
  • Splash page configuration for login of guests
  • Multiple SSID management and segregation
  • Custom traffic policies for each network or device type

Reporting, Monitoring and Administration

  • Single pane of glass for management of all traffic
  • Predictive failure and replacement
  • Online configuration management to quickly deploy configurations to new devices
  • Real-time reporting of all network traffic and utilization
  • Automatic failover and traffic shaping
  • Deep view into all traffic per device
  • Multi-Factor authentication secured management
  • Rapid identification of network performance issues (LAN/WAN/Endpoint)

What it means to you:

Immediate cost savings

  • Do more with less
  • Eliminate costly MPLS and site-to-site and leverage commodity internet via SD-WAN
  • Add resiliency by aggregating lower-cost connections

Increased visibility and control

  • Set policies to block access to specific websites or categories of sites
  • Capture, review and monitor for traffic on any network-connected device
  • Build access policies for guest network access; require authentication or registration for access, and set specific logon times, timeouts or hours
  • Throttle connections to specific sites, resources or machines to ensure no user consumes all bandwidth and resources

Increased site resiliency and less downtime

  • Any type of internet connectivity can be leveraged (fiber, coaxial, Ethernet, DSL etc.) for higher availability
  • 4G connectivity available as a backup/failover in the event of a network outage on primary circuits
  • Inter-site connectivity maintained over any connection, automatically

Fully managed, fully supported / Exceptional Calyx support

No self-administration required. Calyx handles monitoring, maintenance, proactive troubleshooting, predictive failures and replacement of hardware before a failure

  • Single management portal
  • Next-day hardware replacement
  • Alerts for down sites, loss of redundancy and traffic alerts and alarms

Get the Calyx Network Advantages

  • High-speed deployment with auto-provisioning and optimizing hardware
  • Increased visibility and control over applications, users and devices
  • Convenient multi-site management built-in
  • Enhanced monitoring and automatic alerts
  • Continuous seamless over-the-web firmware updates

Start saving today – at no cost for implementation!

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fully-managed network solution.

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