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Wrap-Around IT Keeps HR Provider Online & Supporting Its Customers

Similar to homeownership, there may be amenities you want to add and projects to complete, but you’re so busy maintaining it you don’t have time to make the home beautiful. That is where we were at with IT. We needed to free up our IT security administrator.” – John Bernatovicz, President, Willory

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Giving a Growing Law Firm a More Productive Relationship with Technology

Investing in on-premise equipment is a significant expense. It requires a firm understanding of what your business will look like in five years. Then, you have to make the investment again when your infrastructure becomes dated.” – Audra M. DiLuciano, Firm Administrator, Wickens Herzer Panza

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Technology transformation, without breaking the bank.

“Technology disruptions are very cost-prohibitive when you’re talking about billable hours and prep for casework at a law firm Now we have consistent, real-time access to our files.” – Christina M. Koeth-Bidwell, CCM

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