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Is your IT in alignment with your business strategy?

What you don’t know may be widening the gap between IT and business objectives.

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Calyx Groundwork is our comprehensive, deep dive approach to IT discovery and planning. It gets us all on the same page technically, philosophically and financially, and sets a foundation for future success.

Some of the benefits of Calyx Groundwork include:

Get a true, objective report card on IT within your business

Understand total IT spend and how it relates to business objectives

Develop a plan to leverage IT as a strategic asset

Identify risks, close gaps and gather insight

What it means to you:

See your IT picture
more clearly

Confidently understand your spend, where it measures up to your industry standards and where investments make the most sense

  • Gain valuable perspective via information gathering exercises and discovery
  • Organization & prioritization of your current and future objectives, and how IT can help to further them
  • Make better decisions with increased clarity

Comprehensive IT analysis & comparison for greater perspective

Open the hood for a complete diagnostic of your existing infrastructure, network, security and performance

  • Understand the current state of your IT with a detailed report on key areas
  • Identify areas of proficiency and areas to improve
  • Determine where to focus when planning for future projects, plans and efforts

Know your (real) total cost of IT

Identify all capital and operational expenses to eliminate shadow IT costs and understand if your spend supports your business, or just costs you money

  • IT Resources and vendors, software, subscriptions and updates
  • Internet service providers and telephony
  • Security services and resources
  • Datacenter, hosting and management fees
  • Infrastructure power and cooling consumption

Gain valuable perspective from your staff

Learn more from the people who use the technology in your business

  • Employee interviews, surveys and input reveal discrepancies
  • User experience analysis
  • Needs analysis

Take the first step.

Download the Calyx Groundwork information sheet to learn more about our comprehensive, deep dive approach to IT discovery and planning.

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Are you an executive seeking new ways to drive your business forward?

An IT manager looking to do more with less?

Calyx Framework™ is the secure, fully managed IT solution that allows you to rapidly advance your technological capabilities. All with less risk, disruption and cost.

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