The Power of Pablo

By October 28, 2020 April 14th, 2022 Inspiration

He’s rare, magical, and elusive, found only in the furthest corners of the world. Yet, to those who are young, or young at heart, he’s ubiquitous. Whether in North America, Europe, or Australia, his natural environment is the forest, meadows, and of course, waterfalls. But perhaps the most important place he resides is in the human imagination, where he inspires us to dream bigger and create the impossible.

Yes, we’re talking about the enchanted unicorn, and we’re here to tell you that they aren’t a myth. We know because we have one. We call him Pablo.

It’s also not a myth that a company can be created around the mission of making people happy, as the unicorn does. We prove it every day by making our clients’ lives easier and their businesses more productive. Some would argue that it’s unrealistic to expect this from an IT company. They’ve never encountered a unicorn.

A little background on Pablo. His purple color is a unique distinction of the most majestic of all unicorn species. He can understand any human language and actually possess healing powers. Not a bad creature to have on your side. Don’t be deceived by his gentle character and enchanting handsomeness — Pablo is a complex beast. While he represents magic and possibility, he can also be fierce and powerful, using his horn to protect against danger (something we also know quite a bit about).

Pablo loves to travel. While rare, he has been sighted in the Harz Mountains in northern Germany and the Alpine meadows of the Himalayas. Legend has it that he is so keen on exploring the beautiful Scottish Highlands that Scotland declared him as their national animal. And while elusive to many, our one-horned friend will let down his guard while we’re around, even posing for an occasional photo for the non-believers.

While unicorns have been adored for thousands of years, never has the magical and elusive creature been more widely embraced than over the past 20 years since they’ve made their way into popular culture. And for good reason. They teach us to not take ourselves so seriously. They captivate our imaginations and remind us that we can achieve the unattainable. That’s being a unicorn.

At Calyx, Pablo is a state of mind, no less authentic than the values that drive us every day. He reminds us that there’s always a better way forward and encourages us to create it. The world needs more Pablo’s in it. He teaches us to step out of our familiar spaces and into the unfamiliar, where we often find inspiration and answers.

If you don’t have a unicorn on staff, I highly suggest getting one if you’re so fortunate to have the rare opportunity. Our Pablo has transformed how we think and respond to challenges. His curiosity and creative nature define the spirit of Calyx. Pablo is our guiding light.
– Ed Grauel, Chief Operating Officer

Pablo has helped shape the Calyx culture. He challenges our preconceptions and makes us more aware of our own magical powers — to make people’s lives easier and their businesses more productive and profitable. It’s not an easy feat these days, but it’s why we’re here.

“Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn…then always be a unicorn!”