Our Leadership Team

The people behind the passion

Jason Fordu

Chief Executive Officer


Professional epiphany: Founding my fifth-grade computer club.
Poster boy for: Leadership with purpose.
Internal drives: Transformation. Bringing new ideas to life. My family.
Currently geeking out over: The amazing life of Benjamin Franklin.

Words of Wisdom

“Learning and evolving takes surrounding yourself with smart people who have different knowledge, skill sets and perspectives. Then it’s about being relentlessly curious – asking questions and actively listening more than you speak.”

Ed Grauel

Chief Operating Officer


Internal drives: My team.
Morning motivation: My daughter’s unrelenting happiness is my daily gut check.
Best work happens: During the summer solstice.
Currently geeking out over: Business analytics with PowerBI.

Words of Wisdom

“I like to see my team be successful. When I see one of my employees or peers grow personally or professionally, I know that I’ve done the right thing.”

Matt Russell

Chief Technology Officer


Professional epiphany: I’m into computers and PC gaming, so why not give that a try?
Morning motivation: My daughter yelling, “Daddy!”
Best work happens: When I’m on deadline, pulling an all-nighter.
Currently geeking out over: My childhood Nintendo64 console.

Words of Wisdom

“I love working with our team. They challenge me professionally and personally to be better at everything. From being the best technologist to being the best father, they push me to improve in every facet of my life.”

Tom Clause

Director of Sales


Internal drives: Family. My team. Customers. And sailing Lake Erie.
Secret superpower: Reading people’s minds.
Currently geeking out over: Our Framework platform and a 1950 Catamaran.
Biggest achievement: Raising two intelligent, kind daughters.

Words of Wisdom

“Great customer service is all about communication, vigilance and effort.”

Walt Ely

Director of Client Relations


Poster boy for: Customer service.
Internal drives: Helping people.
Secret superpower: Keeping cool under stress.

Words of Wisdom

“It’s important to anticipate clients’ needs before they ask for anything. You have to proactively deliver products that drive value for their business and personal lives.”

Jonathan LoConti

Director of Finance


Professional epiphany: I always loved working with numbers.
Internal drives: Doing what’s right.
Morning motivation: Not knowing what the day will bring.
Biggest achievement: Graduating college.

Words of Wisdom

“Time is our most valuable resource. We can always have more money, another car, etc., but we can never get back time. I’ve been spending more time with my loved ones. This is something that I’ve taken away from working at Calyx.”

On the front lines and behind the scenes, you’ll find sharp professionals who approach life with curiosity and determination. We’re constant learners who use what we discover to create better, more meaningful IT solutions for you and your business. In other words, we love what we do and who we do it with.

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