Giving a Growing Law Firm a More Productive Relationship with Technology

By June 1, 2021 June 9th, 2021 Success Stories

The Challenge

Wickens Herzer Panza is a busy law firm, focusing on business, litigation, estate planning, and probate matters. The firm prides itself on its ability to rival competitors with a partnership-centered approach and attention to critical details. The firm was evaluating how to evolve its IT infrastructure. Options included making a substantial capital investment for overhauling IT on-premise or moving to a cloud-based system.

Investing in on-premise equipment is a significant expense. It requires a firm understanding of what your business will look like in five years. Then, you have to make the investment again when your infrastructure becomes dated.

– Audra M. DiLuciano, Firm Administrator, Wickens Herzer Panza


Not only was the firm looking for a scalable solution, but they also needed to improve productivity and enhance security. Existing remote access systems provided a disparate user experience, which often caused issues for the firm’s lawyers. Annual licensing audits were taking up considerable time to ensure compliance. Plus, top-tier security for a firm with clients in the healthcare and financial services industries was paramount.


Calyx Framework offered Wickens Herzer Panza a far better relationship with technology. The system brings teams together in a fully managed, cloud-based environment where they can work with less risk, hassle, and disruption.

  • Access Anywhere: Legal teams can easily log-in to systems in-office or remotely for a secure, cohesive user experience regardless of location.
  • Enterprise Security: Framework comes with a best-practice, layer-approach to security, so the firm is armed with top-tier security that stands strong.
  • Licensing & Updates: Calyx manages everything to ensure all users and licenses are consistently up-to-date. This saves time and money for the firm that no longer has to manage its dreaded yearly audits.
  • Cost Efficiency: Framework allows the firm to pay for the actual users they have versus guessing how many we might have in the next five years.


With Calyx Framework, Wickens Herzer Panza has elevated its IT infrastructure without making a substantial capital investment. Better still, the system’s flexibility allows them to scale and grow, while enhancing productivity and security. The firm knows its system will always perform across the enterprise, and that adds up to valuable peace of mind.

Calyx provided a comprehensive cost analysis. When you look at the numbers, you save money over time because you avoid the capital expenditure when your infrastructure becomes outdated. We said “yes” to Calyx over other options because of their commitment to partnership. This wouldn’t be another vendor/client relationship. We knew Calyx would invest in helping us continually reach our IT goals.

– Audra M. DiLuciano, Firm Administrator, Wickens Herzer Panza