Get to Know: Ed Grauel

By May 26, 2021 Team Profiles

Meet Ed Grauel, our Chief Operating Officer, and self-proclaimed terrestrial astronaut. Ed is on the front line creating solutions that make our customers’ busienss run more smoothly. When it comes to Calyx customers, Ed is empathetic and relates to their needs and challenges.

It’s exciting to build something that you know will help strengthen a company and drive growth. I don’t take that lightly. We have a real responsibility here when creating customer solutions. We put their success even above our own, but we know that if we do the right things—with integrity and selflessness—we will all benefit. That’s the Calyx code.

-Ed Grauel

What do you appreciate most about Calyx?

  • I appreciate the talented people I work with the most. Many people are not lucky enough to work with a group that holds themselves to such a high standard internally and externally. While we are a group that seeks constant improvement, I find that the vast majority of feedback I receive for my team is extremely positive.
  • Being challenged to push what we see as boundaries, and the opportunity to come up with new and better ways to work.
  • The daily opportunity to do things that affect real change for my staff and clients; thinking bigger and in different ways about overcoming what slows us all down
  • Being empowered to work where I am most proficient, but also to work outside my comfort zone to learn and drive forward.

What / Who inspires you?

My kids. I am forever in awe of their curiosity, abilities and how much fun they can have. I see how much faster they can learn and adapt in life than I ever could hope to and I am so excited to see how they will change the world.

Naturally, when you’re in a constant mode of creating and delivering innovation, things can get intense. We thrive on that—to a point. You need high energy to create but there has to be a measured pace. I pride myself on staying calm and coming up with clear, pragmatic solutions and minimum drama when it comes to operations.

-Ed Grauel

How do you spend your free time?

I am really a homebody, but I love to spend my time at home with friends around a fire in the backyard. I have been fishing since my dad put me in the kid carrier backpack when I was a baby, and now I really enjoy taking my kids fishing, especially when grandpa can join. I also enjoy deer hunting – there is nothing like sitting in the woods, listening to the silence, and being able to be fully present and observe what is happening around you.

What does the future hold?

My wife said I could buy my dream car, so I am hopeful that is in my “near future”. My dream car is a Grumman LLV, which most people will recognize as the cube-shaped, right-hand drive mail trucks that are being phased out after 30-odd years of service. Professionally, I think that Calyx is poised to continue our growth at an increasing rate, and I am excited to help lead that charge.