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Get to Know: Dana Dollaeye

By April 5, 2024April 8th, 2024Team Profiles
Image of our new employee, Dana.

Meet Dana, Director Of Service Delivery with Calyx.

What value do you bring to our clients?

The customer service experience is what I live for. I am over the top passionate about customer interaction and how it makes them feel. It does not matter if I am helping you change the batteries in your mouse or saving your life by recovering the data you did not think you had backed up – Customer Service is where real change happens, where safety happens, where trust is earned and where relationships thrive. My value will be felt on the battlefield with our Service Team, ensuring our clients feel like we are in their corner living up to our word.

What/who inspires you?

People who can laugh at themselves inspire me. Life is serious enough, if you can laugh at yourself and brush off failure then you are someone, I would want to share space with. Take life with a grain of salt, a spoonful of sugar and do not get weighted down in the manure.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to unplug and go out onto the trails with my dogs. Wander around, take the path less traveled and lose track of time. The freedom of being in the great outdoors is like a lightning cable charger direct to my soul. I always come out a touch better than when I went in.