The best of both worlds:
Calyx Managed Services + Cloud-Based Technology

We create a better way to do business.

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Calyx redefines managed services with a bold approach that’s better.

We combine unrivaled support with secure, cloud-based technologies to deliver a transformative solution that makes your business stronger and more profitable.

With Calyx, you get more than a better outcome. You get a better experience.

In fact, Calyx clients see an average 75% decrease in IT-related issues.

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Calyx Framework™ is a fully managed cloud-based environment where businesses can work with less risk, hassle and disruption.

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Calyx Network shifts your IT costs to where they’ll be more effective by aggregating commodity internet services and eliminating complex services.

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“Calyx provided a comprehensive cost analysis.”

– Audra M. DiLuciano, Firm Administrator, Wickens Herzer Panza

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Meet Earnest Machine.

“Calyx frees me up to do smarter things with IT.”

– Don Steiner, Earnest Machine IT Director

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Great workplaces for top talent.

Honored to be among the Northcoast’s top employers.

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