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The business IT solutions you need:
A Technology Services Provider + Cloud-Based Technology

Calyx IT services keep you secure, compliant, and efficient.

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Improve cybersecurity, save money by outsourcing IT services, and find a better solution for IT infrastructure with Calyx, the trusted IT provider for professional services and manufacturing companies.

Secure and protect your data all day, every day with our long-standing partnerships with industry-leading security experts.

In fact, Calyx clients see an average 75% decrease in IT-related issues.

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Calyx Framework™ is a fully managed, highly secure platform that protects your applications and data, decreases downtime, and reduces capital expense.

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Calyx Network modernizes your connectivity with right-sized infrastructure that provides the fast, secure, quality connection your business requires.

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“Calyx provided a comprehensive cost analysis.”

– Audra M. DiLuciano, Firm Administrator, Wickens Herzer Panza

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Meet Earnest Machine.

“Calyx frees me up to do smarter things with IT.”

– Don Steiner, Earnest Machine IT Director

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Stop losing time.

Your business can’t afford to be inefficient, deal with downtime, or worry about compliance. You need a partner to take control of your business IT solutions. We will customize your plan for one price, no add-ons after purchase. See how you can recoup your investment just by increasing performance.

Save 40 Hours In Productivity
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