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Women in IT- Jordan’s Story

By March 15, 2022March 29th, 2022Success Stories, Team Profiles

I did not start out with the goal to be a marketing leader in the IT industry. I had my oldest daughter at a young age and my husband has always had a fairly demanding career, so I put my career goals on the backburner through my 20s to take care of our family. Fast forward 10 years and our youngest daughter had started school, I watched my husband soar through his career, and I decided it was time for me to find my own path in the workforce.

Journey to IT

My educational background is in graphic design, I have always been a creative person, and I saw graphic design as a way to express that creativity. I found it difficult as a newbie to obtain a position in the graphic design field so I started looking for positions where I could still use some of the design skills I learned and took a position as a Marketing Coordinator for a reputable office furniture company in the Downtown Cleveland area. There I handled social media, website updates and maintenance, designing b2b proposals for the sales team, email campaigns, ads, and graphics.

Currently, I am the Marketing Manager for Calyx. I oversee our Marketing Department and a broad range of initiatives such as, digital ads, campaigns, social media, and the messaging that goes out to our clients and prospects.

Life at Calyx

The IT field is something that I fell into. When I saw the open position at Calyx, it was a field that I hadn’t been involved in before, and I saw it as an opportunity to learn and start a new adventure. I was looking for a change and a new challenge and decided to take a leap and submit my resume. Ultimately, it has been one of the best decisions I’ve made.

My role constantly challenges me. Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are important skills I need to have daily. As a decision-maker in our department and our company, it is important for me to come to the table with new ideas and the ability to weigh in on decisions or issues that might be happening within the organization. Being a woman in leadership, I can bring a unique perspective to the team. 

My very first day at Calyx was an enormous eye-opener for me. The culture here is very different from any other place I have worked. My colleagues push me every day to challenge my way of thinking and to lean into the uncomfortable because that is where you grow. 

Women in IT

While I am not in a technical role, I have a unique role in our organization. I am one of the only female leaders within our organization. I have learned that being confident in your abilities and your ideas is an important part of being in a male-dominated industry. Luckily the other leaders in our organization are immensely supportive, open-minded, and very much against the “good old boys club” mentality. They encourage me to feel confident in bringing my ideas to the table, and that has helped me grow so much within my role. In terms of work/life balance I think many women feel they need to focus on either their career or their family. Calyx has given me the opportunity to do both. I consider myself very lucky to have found such a supportive environment.

I have not been in the IT industry very long, however, I have seen a slow but steady uptick in women entering into STEM fields and I think that is fantastic. I would love to continue to see that increase. We have some incredibly smart and talented women within Calyx and I feel grateful that I get to work alongside them every day.

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