Ready to Radically Transform Your Business?

By July 28, 2021 April 13th, 2022 IT Insight

Why You Should Look To Technology First

When company decision-makers think about ways to improve performance, it’s typically time to start slashing—budgets, personnel, and overhead—anywhere you can cut “non-essentials.” Especially during tough economic times like we’re experiencing post-pandemic. In many cases, it has become a matter of survival.

What if the answer to fiscal solvency came from somewhere other than austerity measures? What if you examine your company’s relationship with technology? 

Many business owners don’t fully realize the cost of their technology or what solutions can improve performance. But, we know exactly how valuable it is to have the right people, processes, and technology fueling your business. It’s the Calyx secret sauce. 

That’s why we encourage our clients to make digital transformation a priority and consider how it can fundamentally change the way you operate. We believe with the right IT strategy businesses have no limitations. 

What is Digital Transformation? Why Should You Care?

In the simplest terms, digital transformation is about examining where your business could use technology to operate more efficiently or deliver more value to customers. It’s asking yourself aspirational questions like: 

  • Service: Can we improve the customer experience? Elevate customer service? Increase timeliness and delivery?
  • Performance: Can we make it easier for teams to collaborate? Remove productivity barriers? Increase R&D and innovate faster? Improve reporting data?
  • Workforce: Can we attract better talent? Improve employee retention? Elevate organizational alignment?

Why care? A report from Deloitte says there’s a link between high “digital maturity” (or successful technology adopters) and above-average financial performance. When digital solutions are successfully in play, organizations are nearly 3X more likely to report net profits and annual revenue growth compared with industry peers.1

How Should You Get Started?

Start with your fundamental infrastructure and examine if there’s a better way. The industry consensus is to balance security, privacy, and the ability to increase capacity over time as the business demands. 

Many companies are choosing to dump on-site servers and move to the cloud.  That means they can buy more room for data as their business needs versus paying for servers that may not be able to handle the load five years from now. 

Cloud computing also allows modern businesses to transcend geographical limits. It can literally connect their workforce from anywhere on the planet, which gives them access to broader talent pools. 

The Bottom Line

You can’t continue to conduct business the same way and expect a different outcome. Look at your technology and examine if it aligns with your business objectives. When it does, your IT works as an asset versus an expense.  

And remember: This is an area where our experts can help guide you. Talk to our team about your objectives, and we can help you develop a plan for the future.

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