Get to Know: Jordan Emery

By August 12, 2021 Team Profiles

Hi, I’m Jordan, Marketing Coordinator with Calyx. You’ll find me working behind the scenes of Calyx creating both digital and print content to help our clients get a better understanding of what Calyx does and how we can help them spend less time on IT hassle and more time on the growth of their business.

What/who inspires me?

My daughters inspire me to be the very best version of myself that I possibly can. My girls are young and knowing that they are watching what I do and taking notes for when they grow up keeps me on my toes. Having kids is absolutely humbling, they remind me every day to give myself and others a little grace, to be resilient, to not always take things so seriously, and to ask ALL the questions.

What value do I bring to customers?

I spend a lot of time putting myself in our client’s shoes. I want to know what makes them tick and how we at Calyx can best help them achieve their business goals. I want to contribute to giving them the best customer experience that we possibly can and really make it easy for them. I make it my mission to create content that resonates with people and captures how they may be feeling about technology versus how we at Calyx can make that relationship better.

What do you love about Calyx?

Calyx demands more out of its employees, and I mean that in the very best way. Everyone that I have met at Calyx so far is very customer focused and constantly looking for a better way to serve our clients. All employees at Calyx are accountable for our client’s happiness and that requires a level of engagement and trust that I have not seen in any other organization I have worked for, which means our clients are getting the very best in customer service.