Our Values

value_alignmment2In Alignment with You, Our Client

Let’s face it — there’s no shortage of IT service providers. As ambassadors of our clients’ success, we’re people first, technologists second. Calyx is an honest team of professionals who care about establishing sound relationships built on mutual trust and respect. We share a collective interest in achieving the goals and objectives of our clients.

value_serviceService: the Heart of the Calyx Promise

Our clients are best served when we function as an extension of their organization. We employ a diverse team of highly-qualified, passionate professionals, who consistently deliver extraordinary service and responsiveness — the heart of the Calyx brand promise.

value_teach2Empowering: To Teach and Guide

We work to guide and educate clients so they’re fully engaged in the decision making and ongoing management of their technology. And we do so in ways that provide clarity — not confusion. We transfer knowledge to clients to ensure higher levels of proficiency, which in turn helps foster business success.

value_holisticA holistic Approach to Ensure Your Satisfaction

Our focus is on outcomes, so we begin by bringing business and technology strategies into alignment to create organizational structure. Our holistic view ensures solutions are optimized to best fit a client’s ever-changing technological needs. Why? To ensure cohesion, less disparate technologies, fewer surprises, and a higher level of client satisfaction.

value_agnostic2An Agnostic Approach Suited to You

Not all IT solutions are best suited for a client’s specific needs. We take a platform agnostic approach to technology — our allegiance is to our clients, as opposed to solutions that may be more profitable or convenient for us. We’re always predisposed to solutions that best suit our client’s needs.

value_perspectiveKnowledge and Perspective for Desired Outcomes

While many client’s IT personnel are knowledgable and highly skilled in technology, all require resources beyond their management capacity or skill sets. Our diverse team provides the knowledge and deep perspective to ensure solutions that are appropriate in driving desired outcomes.

value_elegantElegant & Intuitive Solutions, Without Restrictions

Technology should serve the user, as opposed to users being restricted by their technology. We work to demystify the complex, creating solutions that are elegant, intuitive and worry-free. We ensure technology solutions that perform as expected so our client’s can perform at their top levels as well.