Managed Data Services

Calyx offers several managed data service options, but we don’t take a one shoe fits all sizes approach. All of our Managed Data Service solutions start with a conversation. We need to properly assess your needs to determine the best fit within the level of risk you’re comfortable operating. There are other considerations too such as your policy management, periodic reviews, testing, developing a playbook in the event of a disaster, etc. We view this piece of your technology as cyclical journey, not a destination. So let’s talk.

Data Backup & Recovery

Calyx provides the simplest way to backup and recover your data offsite. Our solutions are fully managed, cost effective, redundant, scalable and delivered securely from our data centers. No setup fees or hardware to purchase.

Business Continuity

Backup and recovery account for the ability to recover your data if an unfortunate event occurs, but, these solutions don’t address the length of time in which to do so. How long can your business operate while waiting for data and applications to be restored? Days? Weeks? This is where Business Continuity comes into play. If your operation’s needs extend beyond the minimum requirements of backup then Calyx can implement and manage a holistic business continuity solution for you. We’ll start with an in-depth discovery, helping you determine your critical data assets, your acceptable recovery time objective, your recovery point objective and then work with you to balance these options within realistic budgets.

Internet Services

From the simple to complex, Calyx can help you evaluate and adequately size the Internet provider and service that’s best for your organization’s needs. Once a decision is made, our team of experts will manage the entire process of installation to ensure accuracy and your peace of mind.