Virtual Desktops

Calyx Cloud Desktops.
Good riddance to boundaries.

The Calyx Cloud Desktop provides a complete virtual experience identical to the traditional local desktop you’re already accustomed to, minus the the physical boundaries. Your software and applications are accessed from the Calyx data center rather than from a local device — a far more cost-effective and hassle-free alternative to managing and maintaining your own equipment.

Benefits Abound.

The Calyx Cloud Desktop simplifies and reduces IT’s workload by affording them the ability to manage and maintain equipment remotely. Employees benefit from “always on” access to their desktop, with the same familiar appearance and settings they’re familiar with, from anywhere they connect.
In a virtual desktop scenario, software resides and operates in the cloud, eliminating the need for your company to purchase and maintain software for every workstation. Further, with our pay-as-you-go pricing options, you simply pay for what you use, without the restriction of a long-term contract.

Cloud-based Analytics

Cloud-based, real-time analytics can help save more than 50 percent in business insight-related costs, and collaborative business process services can help increase employee productivity by 25 percent.

Additional advantages of the Calyx Cloud Desktop include:

  • Be more Productive: Your employees are no longer burdened with common IT issues, allowing them to focus on their roles in meeting business objectives.
  • Ensure Continuity: If a user’s device is lost or fails, simply access another device, log in, and you’re back to business, right where you left off. Lose power at the office? No worries, as staff can simply work remotely, with access to precisely the same desktop and software resources.
  • Be a Resilient Business: Your Calyx Cloud Desktop operates on a completely fault-tolerant and redundant platform within a data center that rivals those on Mission Impossible.
  • Reduce Risk: In an ultra-secure data center with enterprise networking security, your data has never been more safe. Period.
  • Be Predictable: Replace your ever-fluctuating IT expenses with a set monthly subscription. Similar to your home utilities, you only pay for what you use. And nothing more.

Go Ahead. Give it a Spin.

Don’t just take our word for it. Put the Calyx Cloud Desktop to the test. Take it to work. Take it home. Heck, take it to a movie. It doesn’t matter. It works where you do. Let’s connect to determine which approach will best fit your needs. Simply call or email us at 216.916.0639 or