Moving to the Cloud

To a modern business in the sky.

Through our vast experience, we’ve developed a proven method for preparing and migrating any IT environment to a cloud-based platform. It can be built, tested, and verified, without disrupting your current production. This is in contrast to standard practices, which often require significant downtime and a leap of faith that things will be operational when back online. No need to endure these headaches with the Calyx Cloud. We can build and test our cloud while running parallel to your existing system.

We’ll first meet with you and do our due diligence to determine if the cloud is the best option for you. We’ll be there every step of the way, covering every angle to make sure that things run smoothly from start to finish. That’s the beauty of the Calyx Cloud. We train your company weeks in advance of the transition, so that no one is blindsided when the new platform debuts. We will be there the day your cloud goes live, to make sure that everything goes without a hitch. It’s this kind of guidance and partnership that sets Calyx apart from the rest.